How to install Bourbon and Neat to work with your Grunt or Gulp project

Requirements: nodeJS and Grunt or Gulp

Step 1 – Install NPM Packages

In the same directory as your gruntfile.js or gulpfile.js, open a command window and run the following commands to get all the packages you will need.

npm install node-neat
npm install node-bourbon

Step 2 – Move over all necessary files to your desired directory

Aftering running the npm install lines above, I moved all of the Bourbon and Neat SASS files to a more desired folder location.

Original locations:

My desired locations:

Step 3 – Import Bourbon

Inside your main sass file (mine is styles.scss), import the following files:

@import "vendor/bourbon/assets/stylesheets/bourbon.scss";
@import "vendor/neat/assets/stylesheets/bourbon.scss";

You can verify that your installation is correct by going into a SASS file and trying something like:

div {
	@include linear-gradient(red, black);

This should give your div a linear-gradient background color of red and black.